The Old Mill, Lisburn

This mill (or more rightfully 'mill complex' as its way more then just one mill) has been a long time personal target of mine, not just because of my fascination of abandoned places but the for a personal reason, as my Mum and Dad both worked and met there. Below are my brief photographic findings of this truly amazing abandoned area.

The site is a group of buildings dating from the early 1800s. Each mill building is unique with quirky architecture and embellishments present round every corner. This place really was the epitome of exploring old mills. Everything from amazing iron framed roof trusses to epic under-stairs cupboards overflowing with old looms parts scattered around the floors, office rooms still with evidence of working manuals and job cards lying around the place.

I didn't venture too far into each building as I was on my own and the area is notorious for hoods, but what I did manage to find satisfied me (for now!!)

The way in was a little sketchy, crossing wooden planks, ducking under old metal beams and foliage along the steep banks of the river Lagan, but once that was cleared it opened up into a mecca of derelict buildings.

Parts of these mills have collapsed and very unsafe, but some of these details especially on the exterior of the buildings are truly incredible and it would a real shame if the new owners of the property tore the whole thing down.

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@2017 by Nick Scott