Last orders for Belfast?

Updated: Oct 11

With Covid-19 cases on the rise again, there is sense of uncertainty looming over the streets of Belfast. On the surface you'd be forgiven in thinking nothing has changed and life seems 'normal', but scratch a little deeper and you will discover an overwhelming sense of despair, particularly with the hospitality trade, as we face yet another possible 'lockdown'. Could this be last orders for Belfast?

Over the last few weeks I've taken my camera with me to capture daily life on the streets of Belfast, as we adjust to the ever changing restrictions the Covid-19 virus has brought. I have witnessed a city trying in desperation to adapt to these very challenging times, but no matter how much they try to put on a brave face and earn some sort of living, I fear as we enter the winter months, that the outlook is pretty bleak.

Come with me on a journey of discovery as I expose the raw reality the effects of this pandemic has had on the streets of Belfast.

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@2017 by Nick Scott